Anxious Patients

Many of our patients are quite anxious about seeking and receiving dental treatment. In fact it may lead to some avoiding dental care completely until excruciating pain gives them no choice .
We encourage you to discuss your concerns with our staff prior to your treatment.
We offer ORAL SEDATION and LAUGHING GAS at our surgery.


ORAL SEDATION is a procedure involving administration of drugs to facilitate a dental procedure and reduce fear and anxiety. It allows more treatment to be completed in fewer appointments and more complex procedures be performed in less time.

You will be aware but less responsive to external stimuli like sound of drill or sight of needles.
Also reduces sense of Pain.
Dentist weighs a number of factors carefully to assess which drug will ne safest choice depending on your medical condition and other medications intake. You cannot drive back home yourself or take public transport.


LAUGHING GAS sedation is ideally suited for treatment of patients with anxiety, children and patients with low pain threshold.
It is a safe, economical and efficient sedative agent which is inhaled through a mask and makes you relax while still conscious and responsive. Experience of pain is minimized.

One of the benefits is that the dentist can determine the individual sedation level minute by minute. It takes effect within a few minutes of inhalation and ends in a matter of minutes. You can drive safely after your treatment but will be  guided by our staff.